UVM Medical Center Gala 2016

U V M   M E D I C A L  C E N T E R   G A L A   2 0 1 6

Save the Date postcard for the UVM Medical Center 2016 gala that will celebrate the building of the new Robert E. & Holly D. Miller Building. Front and back view. Worked closely with Belinda Norris Events and Events Inc. as well as The UVM Medical Center Foundation, to create all the collateral for this event.

UVM Medical Center 2016 Gala was a celebration of the Robert E. & Holly D. Miller Building, in the process of being built. It was important to show the guests just how magnificent this project is, how better than to render it in 3D! With this interactive invitation, it was possible.  Designed using UVM branding, this invite has 4 slides that include an ariel photo of the campus, a hospital room, an architects rendition of the building and an operating room.

Alternate view of invite.

Reply Card

Program booklet front and back cover. Click on the image to see the program book in its entirety.


Donation card.

Created background graphics for the musical entertainment created by director Bill Castellino of NYC. and with Kyle Blair who created the movement. Thank you Duback Photography for sharing these photos.

V I E W   A L L  U V M   M E D I C A L   P R O J E C T S